Ben Sherman is a British clothing brand selling shirts, sweaters, suits, outerwear, shoes and accessories predominantly for men. In its beginnings in the 1960s, the company made its mark with fashionable short sleeved, button-down collared shirts. We have been working with Ben Sherman in order to establish its german e-commerce business.


After not having an online store in Germany for nearly 2 years the project needed to start from scratch completely while working with a challenging timeline. Hence the main challenge was to conceptualise, design and develop an user friendly E-commerce platform in less than 4 months. After successfully launching the official German Ben Sherman we have been continuously working on increasing traffic and conversion rates through our agile online marketing approach.



Setting up a scrum project management we were able to create a mobile-first, sleek and easy to use online store guiding the user through a great shopping experience. By using the limbic persona approach we were able to customize the entire look and feel to meet the needs and expectations of clearly defined target groups. Integrating features like “ Shop The Look” concept bring Ben Sherman key pieces like the target Tee or the Harrington Jacket closer to the customer.

In the first month after launch the main focus has been to generate online store sales through Google AdWords and SEO. Using a personalisation first approach both channels have heavily contributed to the overall success of the online store.



102 %

Increase in mobile conversion rate

50 %

Increase in overall conversion rate

160 %

Increase in AdWords revenue