TuS Metzingen is a German professional women’s handball team from Metzingen and Baden-Württemberg. They have been in the conversation for Germanys best team for years and over the past decade have built an outstanding organisation. Hence we thought this would be perfect partner for SLASH.DIGITAL and have been working on making the Tussies stand out in Digital as well.

Visit handball-tussies.com


After rebranding the entire Tussies organisation the organisation faced the challenge of portraying the new brand in digital as well.  Hence we were asked to relaunch and modernise their website while adapting to the redesign of the Tussies brand. Furthermore we decided to move the focus onto presenting the team, giving regular updates and telling the Tussies story.



With our partner B-Werk we designed an interactive website that shifted the focus to the team using visuals and animations. We ensured the website to be user-friendly and mobile optimized despite a colorful, playful design. The “Newsroom” has become the new information hub and allows users to see, and share the newest information through social channels, press releases and emails.
The result has been a profound change of the Tussies team website which has resonated well with fans, sponsors and within the organisation.

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