Park-Klinik Manhagen


The Manhagen Clinic is a national hospital in Großhansdorf near Hamburg that has once again received an award. With more than 20,000 inpatients per year, the Manhagen Clinic enjoys a high status among patients and regularly occupies the top positions in the nationwide case number ranking. The clinic’s range of services includes excellent orthopaedics, trauma surgery, ophthalmology, anaesthesia and fertility. The question from Park-Klinik Manhagen was: How do the right patients get to the right doctors? How can patients book appointments around the clock? How are patients cared for properly in the long term? How can we reduce the workload of employees? And, of course, how can we generate more inquiries?



In the healthcare sector, or in any lead-based business, the challenge is to overcome the difficulty of effectively increasing the number of leads in order to increase the capacity utilization of employees and thus sales in the long term. After having had a website without an integrated CRM system at the Park-Klinik Manhagen for years, we set ourselves the goal to import the new online marketing measures in the AdWords and SEO area into a functioning CRM system within one month in order to identify the origin (e.g. campaign or keyword entered at Google) of the contact. Thus, we were able to create a basis to increase the number of requests sustainably (low wastage of the marketing budget) through SEO & SEA. In addition, the hospital staff was taught how to use the CRM system in training courses, so that they can map a complete customer journey within the hospital and assign the patients to the appropriate department without any effort through the individual wards of the hospital stay.



A. Implementation of the CRM system Thanks to the integration of the CRM system Sharpspring, appointment requests, second opinion requests and the general contact form were stored centrally. As a result, this no longer had to be done manually via e-mail forwarding. In the second step, a segmentation and automatic allocation of the individual inquiries to the employees of the Manhagen Clinic was carried out, so that patients and internal specialists could be directly connected with each other.

B. Online marketing approaches for additional lead generation & sales increase. In the first month after the start, the focus was on generating online appointment inquiries via Google AdWords and improving findability in the Google search results. With a local approach that focuses on the respective therapies, both channels contributed strongly to the overall success of lead generation. With the help of the CRM system, it is above all possible to trace the campaigns at the lead & keyword level. In other words, we know which keyword the lead entered at Google and can therefore optimize the campaigns much better. In the final phase, we took a very important step: Tracking of telephone calls. Especially in the consulting intensive business of a clinic, the generation of calls is very important. Tracking is just as important. We were able to set this up quickly with the help of Google AdWords functionality. Thanks to the detailed Google AdWords reports, it can be clearly determined which interested party called when. You can find more about telephone tracking in our information area: Phone tracking with Google AdWords.

C. Marketing automation to the Lead care (so-called Lead Nurturing) & After Sales. Thanks to the fact that Sharpspring CRM offers also directly a marketing automation could be put on directly automatic E-Mailstrecken, in order to catch up bspw. evaluations after an OP or a consulting date. Further e-mail automations were preparatory e-mails for surgery appointments, reminders for follow-up examinations or preventive appointments. Thus, the service level could be significantly increased without generating additional tasks for the employees in daily business.

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