The Client

DriveLock provides an intelligent data protection software that provides highly flexible security for enterprises as well as instant security for medium-sized businesses. DriveLock is used worldwide in more than 30 countries to protect endpoints. We have been working with the company since 2015 on improving the outcome of digital marketing activities.

The Challenge

With a new ownership structure in place we were assigned to increase the overall number of leads generated through the website. To achieve this goal we followed a 2-step process:
The first step being a complete website relaunch with a strong focus on conversion rate optimisation opportunities and a SEO friendly information architecture.
In a second step Google AdWords and continuous SEO efforts were identified as the channels with the most traffic potential.


Our Approach

Before starting to invest in traffic campaigns we designed and implemented a web platform focused on generating leads through various sources like test downloads, whitepapers or webinars. Since then the website has been continuously updated and optimised and overall customer feedback has been very positive.