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Target group analysis & targeting

Our consulting begins with a sound analysis of your needs. With our unique SLASH.NEUROTARGETING approach, we determine the right target group and appropriate communication. We identify the areas with the greatest hidden potential and develop an AdWords & SEA strategy for high quality traffic – We offer consulting at the highest level and maintain the right focus.

B2B Leadbusiness

The classic case for lead generation is the B2B area. With sometimes very strong niches, you are dependent on excellent targeting. However, good targeting is an ongoing process that can only be improved with continuous adaptation. This requires a tool (usually CRM or similar) that helps you to determine on a lead basis: This lead was generated via which campaign, which ad or which keyword. We use Sharpspring as our CRM system (see our special agency conditions) or a plugin dedicated to WordPress to ensure this. The marketing automation, which is often included in CRM systems, is here the so-called Lead Nurturing possible.

B2C Leadbusiness

In addition to classic direct purchases via e.g. online shops, there is also lead business for end customers via enquiries on e.g. a website. Similar to B2B, you do not have the turnover as the final measure, but have to evaluate the contact requests first (so-called “qualify”). SLASH.DIGITAL has relevant successes in the medical & healthcare sector. The combination of SEA/SEO or LinkedIn in combination with CRM tool and automation convinced our customers (see Case Study Manhagen).


E-Commerce Automation & CRM

In e-commerce, it is now essential to know your customers very well in order to conduct personal marketing or offer relevant content. With a CRM tool specifically designed for e-commerce, this is possible for most standard shop systems. We at have even gone so far that we have integrated Mailchimp and Shopware to integrate two very popular tools with each other via an API interface. With automated product proposals, based on historical purchase data, we were able to increase sales in the long term.

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Why is SLASH.DIGITAL the right Marketing Automation & CRM Agency in Munich?

  • Owner-managed agency with a compact team of specialists
  • Based in Munich & Los Angeles – at home in the digital world
  • Professional and sustainable E-Mail Marketing & CRM strategy
  • Expertise in various B2B & B2C sectors from major fashion brands to superfood start-ups
  • We respond quickly and professionally to changes
  • Innovative approaches in B2B lead generation, e.g. our lead board plugin for WordPress
  • Convincing success stories with well-known customers in the entire SEM sector
  • Shopware Business Partner with a lot of know-how in the e-commerce area
  • Full-service agency: We optimally link E-Mail Marketing activities with all other online marketing channels so that the measures support each other synergetically (Omni-Channel-Marketing).
  • Tailor-made and budget-friendly advice also for start-ups



We love to shape

business models


Digital Neurostrategy, High-Performance-Marketing online &

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Our Online Marketing

delivers growth.




Is the target group already clearly defined? Are the competitive advantages already optimally worked out? Our consultants provide the answers to these questions as the foundation of your marketing strategy.



The average Internet user needs 10 – 14 touch points to make a purchase or conversion. We create campaigns that reach the customer at the right time and in the right place. Here we synergetically combine different online marketing channels (e.g. optimal interaction Social Media Advertising (LinkedIn) with AdWords Marketing and CRM.


CRM & Marketing Automation Reseller

We do not limit ourselves to pure campaigns. As an official partner of Sharpspring CRM/Marketing Automation, we can offer you the full spectrum to provide the perfect set-up for your business and link sales with marketing. We were able to do this successfully in the Software & Healthcare Industry, Recruitment & Automotive Industry, and continue to do it with growing



Personal consulting & support by the project manager and an interdisciplinary team for AdWords (SEA) and online marketing (e.g. SEO, social media or e-mail marketing/CRM) to deliver growth with the unconditional willingness to optimize down to the last detail.

Case studies that you should definitely get in touch with:

Are you planning the (re)launch of your website?

Our consultants support you right from the start so that you can set up the right campaigns for your new landing pages. Especially about the right integration into your CRM or other marketing systems. We have ready to use plugins for WordPress and Typo3 websites with Sharpspring CRM, for a short set-up phase.

Case studies that you should definitely get in touch with:

Your AdWords, SEA/Social (Facebook, LinkedIn) campaigns “somehow don’t work properly”.

Our specialists for SEA, AdWords, Yandex or Bing will audit your existing account. Not only do we check the campaign settings, bidding strategies or the general set-up, but we also question your target KPIs (e.g. cost/revenue ratio, cost/conversion, TOFU / BOFU costs/lead, etc.) and calculate them with you so that they fit into your marketing mix.

Case studies that you should definitely get in touch with:

Do you have the impression that your communication has not yet reached the right target group?

We question the strategy with SLASH.NEUROTARGETING and develop Limbic Personas for your marketing strategy. In the area of SEA, the analysis has an effect, for example, on keyword selection or targeting in general.

Case studies that you should definitely get in touch with:

Are you looking for a CRM/Marketing Automation Tool with a good price-performance ratio?

We are an official partner ( & Sharpspring) of Sharpspring CRM & Automation and can offer you cost-effective conditions that you will not get on the market. Of course, we train you directly in the onboarding phase.

Case studies that you should definitely get in touch with:

You would like to operate Lead Nurturing?

You have now collected leads. How do you segment them now? What content do I show which lead? And how can I turn a normal lead into a so-called hot lead, which is just waiting to come into business?

Case studies that you should definitely get in touch with:

Would you like to expand into a new country?

We successfully maintain accounts in German, English, French, Spanish and Russian. In addition to various language variants, we have successfully implemented campaigns in more than 35 countries.

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CRM & Marketing Automation for Healthcare
Case Study Klinik Parkklinik Manhagen

Tim Schlöder

During his time as a working student, Tim had already looked after clients from the healthcare industry and strategically built up the mix of paid marketing and CRM. Over the years in self-employment this knowledge could be extended to other industries & areas, so that one can speak of Tim as a marketing technologist. With the foundation of SLASH.DIGITAL he can now realize his visions for customers from all industries and also apply his personal passion in e-commerce: Data Driven Marketing.



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