VIERI Fine Jewelry


The jewelry brand Vieri has been around since the 1930's. Guya Merkle decides to change the company according to her beliefs and at the Baselworld 2013 launches the brand VIERI. Since 2015, VIERI is based in Berlin and uses the creative vibe in the city to adjust internationally. VIERI is known for using only ethical gold in its jewelry.


From the beginning of our partnership our main goal has been to increase brand awareness by using digital marketing and establish the online store as a significant sales channel. Overcoming a very niche target group as well as a high price point have been the main challenges.



Before starting out with any operational work we analysed the brand, the market and the target group in order to build a digital strategy for the unique brand. The outcome was a distinct organizing idea “Embrace the Warmth of Responsible Luxury” which has been the essence of all digital marketing communication.

To serve users with a luxurious shopping experience we have moved the platform to Shopify which benefits our lean development approach ensuring continuous optimizations. In addition we regularly develop and implement cross-channel campaigns focused mainly on social media platforms in order to increase leads, brand awareness and online sales.