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Shiva Diva is a Brand founded on Bali transferring the mystical spirit to Europe with it’s unique products handmade in Bali. Since 2003 Shiva Diva is know for Women Tunikas you can wear on the beach or for a chic supper. With the decision to start a unique direct marketing business and an e-commerce store we are happy to be part of the Shiva Diva journey and build up the digital platform.



With launching a direct marketing business the Shiva Diva company is was in need of a digital platform in order to scale their business. Enabeling direct marketeers buying their products online before, during and after the private sales parties, the Shiva Diva products from Bali are ready to bring the Bali lifestyle Europe.
With the online store everybody in the world wide web can buy Shiva Diva braclets or clothing for men and women.

At the moment we are happy to support Shiva Diva in any technical questions and bringing quality traffic to the online store via all well known online marketing channels.



With selecting the shop software Shopware 5.4, the basis has been set in order to provide a well known and easy integratable platform.
Besides the easy product export to google shopping or other sale driven websites, we have Set up the pickware erp for shopware in order to ensure an easy procurement and product management.

With an sFTP interfacte with the logistic partner we set up the fulfillment processes. In order to support the Shiva Diva team we installed an automated return process, so there has to be no manual return handeling in the shopware system.
This plugin can be downloaded in the shopware plugin store:

In the first month after launch the main focus has been to generate online store sales through Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and SEO. Using a personalisation first approach both channels have heavily contributed to the overall success of the online store. With the Shopware 5.4. version we are successfully using the customer streams functionality we are one step closer to a 100% personalised customer journey.

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