Prairie Berries is a Canadian based food brand founded in 1993 specializing in Saskatoon berries. Since 2017 our partner the Prairie Berries Europe GmbH has made the powerful saskatoon berry products available to the European market.


We were asked to build a online store addressing the needs of the tech-savy, mobile oriented target audience. However the project team was very much aware that launching an online store for a new product without any real leads to advertise to would present a huge challenge. Therefore we were faced with the ask of developing a viral launch campaign that would generate leads and increase brand awareness.



1. Viral Launch Campaign

We decided to use a Multi-Level-Marketing campaign giving participants incentives to invite friends and thereby sharing branded content via social media and e-mail. By leveraging the platform Kick-Off Labs we were able to focus on the creative side of the campaign and were able to launch #thesuperberry campaign. With 6 comics, each addressing a different childhood super hero we were able to personalise the ad content and the landingpage to the specific target group according to our limbic persona model.

2. Launch Onlinestore

The next step was to create a clean online store adressing the needs and expectations of the digital native and nutritional aware target group. The mobile first platform was launched in November 2017 on Shopify to secure high performance and scalability and has resonated very well with clients and users.