Ever Kitchen is a start-up in the food sector, that has set itself the task of revolutionizing nutritional concepts.

The young company from Munich cooks fresh meals and delivers complete daily / weekly and monthly packages to the customer, who can choose from nine different diets – from vegan to paleo to fresh mummy – while meeting a variety of calorie needs.

The unique selling point: Ever Kitchen is not only fresh and needs-oriented, but also scientifically sound, in order to guide the customer to his destination.



From the beginning we had the opportunity to help shaping a young brand from the food sector. With the design of the complete corporate identity, we have given the start-up name and design.

The complex concept of Ever Kitchen not only offers the customer a nutritional concept that is highly tailored to him, but also places high demands on the website and the future shop. Both the design and the complexity behind the ideal calculation of the calorie requirement in each diet with the appropriate duration of the delivery requires a precise approach, so that the customer is not overwhelmed in the purchase process. In addition, an ERP implementation takes place in order to optimally connect the shop and the kitchen.

The third building block that we were allowed to create for Ever Kitchen is the brand appearance. Here, it was necessary to create and build a brand, so as to ensure awareness. This is just the beginning of the funnels that we guide the users to not only achieve conversion, but also to build a long-lasting brand-customer relationship.