The Client

Launched in 2016 ACARAA is a clean and all natural beauty line that offers quality products for face and hair. All products are organic, vegan and cruelty free. After a very successful start selling solely through Amazon, Acaraa was trying to find out whether an own online store would be a profitable investment.

The Challenge

As a new company the initial goal was to create brand awareness and increase sales on the Amazon platform. At the same time it was necessary to build the basis for deciding whether to build an own online store.


Our Approach

Our first step was to create landing pages and social ads that were targeted to specific limbic personas. We started with a broader target group and then narrowed down our audience through various A/B tests. Going back to personalise the landing pages and the ads lead to an even greater response.

New visits & traffic to the site increased 7 fold in a matter of weeks which led to a doubling of conversions through the website on Amazon. The promising results led to the decision to expand into own e-commerce.


Key Stats of Amazon Campaign

390 %

Increase in Followers

490 %

Increase in Traffic

204 %

Increase in conversions

The Outcome

After deciding to launch the store on Shopify we designed an online experience transporting the core values of the brand: Nature & Well being. As Acaraa is donating money to the tree project of Oro-Verde we wanted to make sure every customer sees the impact he is making immediately. Through custom coding we were able to connect an imaginary tree in the frontend to the actual numbers of products being purchased and achieve this goal.