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What are our Online Shop Systems and CMS?


We have been working with WordPress since 2010 and have developed everything from a small website for a local business to a large company website with CRM integration. The central question is the concept and what you want to achieve with the website. WordPress offers a lot of freedom and can withstand any GDPR or safety regulations with the right set-up. In addition to the many freedoms in web development, WordPress also impresses with a simple and intuitive backend. We also like to use templates or page builders to ensure the modular landing page structure. For example, we recommend the theme Divi, which can be 100% individualized.


The trend in e-commerce is clearly towards emotionalisation and personalisation. Shopware offers both with great features, especially since version 5.4 with which you can offer out of the box personalized content based on stored cookies or account data. This happens in the so called Customer Streams. Furthermore, the Page Builder is ideal for Shopping Worlds. With an in-house ERP (Pickware) system you can also control your merchandise management very well. With five plugins and several years of experience, we have been an official Shopware partner since 2015.

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Magento was the first shop system used at 2011 the own project Deinhandtuch was realized with Magento 1.8.x. Many more projects have followed and we especially appreciate the Community Edition, with its large range of functions which is not available a second time for free. Since Magento 2.0, our customers also enjoy a simplified backend with significantly improved usability. Also the worldwide community and easy integration into other tools and platforms with ready to use plugins make Magento a good choice.

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Shopify is a great entry-level system from our point of view. Cutbacks must be made in the flexibility of functions or customized system integrations. Another point is that Shopify takes over the hosting of the website and the plugins and apps are relatively expensive on a monthly basis. Shopify is also a revenue contributor, but you don’t have to worry about loading times or updates, it’s all Shopify. Vieri, Acaraa & Titan Golf are only three customers who are happy Shopify users.


Based on WordPress, WooCommerce is a great entry-level system alongside Shopify. Here, however, the great freedom, or rather the high flexibility and low standardization, which can be difficult especially since the DSGVO for inexperienced developers, or project managers.
WooCommerce brings, however, in the correct Set Up of Plugins & Extensions all functionalities with which an online Shop needs. Supernaturals and other customers have been enjoying WooCommerce for years, which can keep pace with the rapid development in the e-commerce industry through constant updates.

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Why is SLASH.DIGITAL the right Web Development Agency in Munich?

  • Owner-led agency with compact Team of specialists
  • Living in Munich & Atlanta – at home in the digital world
  • Professional consulting in system set up
  • Expertise in various B2B & B2C industries from major fashion brands, hidden champions in industry, superfood start-ups and local companies
  • We react quickly and professionally to changes (e.g. system updates, further developments, bugfixing, hotfixes, etc.)
  • Innovative approaches & self-developed CMS extensions (so-called plug-ins)
  • Convincing success stories with well-known customers
  • Shopware Business Partner with a lot of know-how in the e-commerce sector
  • Full service agency: Web development optimally with the online marketing channels, so that the measures support each other synergetically (products exports, personalized content, etc.)
  • Tailor-made and budget-compliant consulting also for start-ups



We strive to digitally transform business models.


Neuroscientifically driven online marketing & innovative software solutions.


We deliver growth.




Is the target group already clearly defined? Have the competitive advantages already been optimally worked out? Our consultants provide the answers to these questions as the foundation of the AdWords (SEA) strategy.



A completely thought-out technical concept is a stable foundation for a functioning and sustainable design. Not only our developers, but also our (web) designers, know the systems and thus create the balancing act between individuality and functionality.



We work very flexibly and can respond to our customers’ wishes at any time thanks to our agile approach. For example, the start page is completely designed and taken off it is programmed without waiting for all other subpages according to the waterfall principle.



Personal support by project managers and an interdisciplinary development team to deliver growth with the unconditional willingness to optimize down to the last detail.

Examples of cases where you should definitely contact us:

You plan the (re)launch of your website?

Our consultants support you right from the start so that you can find the right system to meet your requirements. We not only include your system landscape, but also your manpower and find a solution together with you.

Examples of cases where you should definitely contact us:

Your website or online shop does not lead to the desired result.

We analyze the code, the system landscape, the loading times, the plugin set-up of your website/your online shop and identify the existing problems. Due to our marketing background, we do not stop at the target group and can thus optimize your website in a targeted manner.

Examples of cases where you should definitely contact us:

You want to address your customers personally on your website?

The personalization of websites and online shops happens is varied & case-dependent. We used Shopware Customer Streams, Demandware Recommendation Engine or WordPress to implement rule-based content for customization. Further we have personally addressed the website visitor with Nosto. This has been implemented on Magento or WooCommerce, for example.

Examples of cases where you should definitely contact us:

You want to move to another system?

A common case is the fact that you are dissatisfied with your current system. This is often not due to the system but to incorrect implementation. We analyze this on a case-by-case basis and select the right system with you, or optimize your current website or your online shop.

Examples of cases where you should definitely contact us:

You want to expand to a new country?

We have successfully implemented multilingual shops and can advise you in your expansion. In addition to the technical implementation, the handling & future support is of primary importance here.


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Alexander Schmidt

Alexander has been in Germany for 4 years and with SLASH.DIGITAL since 2018. With his Ukrainian roots, he not only brings tea-drinker spirit, but also the ability to use five different programming languages. With his past at Namecheap he brings great knowledge about hosting and server management.


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