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  • 74% of people say that the Internet is the first place to look for information (across all age groups), 87% are online daily for private purposes
  • Only 22% of prospective buyers research exclusively offline, while 19% obtain information about products purely online. Online visibility is therefore essential for creating touchpoints.
  • Along your Customer Journey, buying interests require an average of 10-14 touchpoints (points of contact with product & brand) until purchase. Presence on all channels (Omni-Channel-Marketing online & offline) is therefore essential.
  • The younger the target group, the more potential customers inform themselves online. A clearly defined strategy for digital marketing therefore leads to success.
  • Build.Measure.Learn. – Successes in online marketing are measurable in detail and can be proven 1:1 with sales in e-business.
  • Due to the measurability of the advertising success, the campaigns can be specifically optimized and are therefore often more effective and efficient than offline campaigns.
  • Existing data from online advertising platforms (Google Adwords, social media networks, etc.) can be used to narrow down the target group (audience building) for highly effective use of your marketing budget.
  • SLASH.NEUROTARGETING incorporates the latest findings from brain research into your strategy.
  • Are you interested in more data on buyer behaviour online & offline? Google makes extensive statistics available free of charge, which prove the importance of digital marketing:

Which online marketing services we take over for you:


The cooperation in the field of online marketing begins with a well-founded analysis of your needs. With our SLASH.NEUROTARGETING approach we determine the right target group and the appropriate (personalized) communication. We then identify the keywords that offer the greatest potential for your company and develop an online marketing strategy for high-quality traffic. Our consulting is geared to the right parameters and focuses on sustainable growth.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) with Google Adwords

Google AdWords offers numerous possibilities to position your brand communication in a targeted way: From ads on the search results pages, to sponsored Google shopping ads, to ads on the advanced search network and on YouTube. The potential range is almost infinite. This makes a clearly defined strategy with the right focus all the more important so that your budget is used effectively. We are your AdWords agency for ambitious projects in online marketing.

Display advertising

We design your display ads and set up a personalised marketing strategy to draw the attention of your desired target groups. Our focus is to reach new potential customers for significant growth. Learn more about the SLASH.NEUROTARGETING approach and how we increase the probability of Internet users becoming your customers with targeted advertising.

ReMarketing & ReTargeting

The right categorization & audience education is the key to success in remarketing. Through our comprehensive analysis of metrics & KPIs, we achieve much more targeted advertising with you. This helps you to better understand the users of your website and to address them again with the right campaign.

Social media advertising on Facebook, Instagram & Co.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest offer a unique environment for target group-oriented online communication.

Performance marketing

Influencer Marketing

Using our analysis software, we scan the market for suitable influencers with outstanding commitment statistics, prepare a detailed briefing for the planned campaign and negotiate the conditions. Depending on the product and industry, YouTube, Facebook and/or Instagram posts can be particularly effective. After the placement has expired, we examine the advertising success and create a meaningful reporting.

Email & Newsletter Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Amazon SEO

Our SEO team relentlessly uncovers hidden potentials and develops an SEO strategy for the best possible rankings in search engines (especially Google) and marketplaces with search functions (especially Amazon).


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Why is SLASH.DIGITAL the right online marketing agency?

  • Owner-managed agency with a compact team of marketing specialists – based in Munich & Los Angeles
  • Sustainable and growth-oriented strategy for digital marketing
  • Expertise in various B2C & B2B sectors from major fashion brands to superfood startups
  • Fast and professional reaction to changes (e.g. Google updates)
  • Build. Measure. Learn: data-driven & agile approach
  • Convincing success stories with well-known customers
  • Full-service agency: We link all online marketing channels with each other so that all measures support each other synergetically (agile online marketing)
  • Achieving growth for your company is at the heart of our corporate culture




We strive to digitally transform business models


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We deliver growth.




Is the target group already clearly defined? Have the competitive advantages already been optimally worked out? The answers to these questions are the foundation of our consulting and marketing strategy as well as for all further measures in SEO, SEM, SEA & Social Media.



We perform our keyword analysis using a unique scoring model. This ensures that we focus on the right keywords.


Agile Optimization

We monitor the results of the implemented measures and reports transparently and continuously optimise them in order to achieve maximum performance.



Personal consulting & support by the project manager and an interdisciplinary team for agile online marketing to provide you with growth with the unconditional willingness to optimize down to the last detail.

Examples of cases where you should definitely contact us:

You advertise only in classic offline marketing and want measurable success for your marketing budget?

Our consultants support you right from the start, so that the first steps in online marketing lead directly to success.

Examples of cases where you should definitely contact us:

You want to launch or relaunch a website and are looking for professional support right from the start?

Our specialists start with an audit and work with you to define the right online marketing strategy for tangible growth.

Examples of cases where you should definitely contact us:

Do you have the impression that your communication is not yet reaching the right target group?

We question the strategy with SLASH.NEUROTARGETING and develop the right communication for your target group.

Examples of cases where you should definitely contact us:

You are planning the launch/relaunch of an online shop and want all services from a single source, from technical implementation to online marketing?

We are the right agency for your ambitious project.

Examples of cases where you should definitely contact us:

Your web presence is not yet optimized for mobile devices?

Our design specialists create a unique user experience.

Examples of cases where you should definitely contact us:

Your search engine rankings are not yet satisfactory?

Our SEO team is happy to take care of it.

Your agency for increased e-commerce performance

We are Shopware Premium Partner and are happy to support your online shop with our entire know-how:

  • Launch/Relaunch with Shopware, Shopify or WooCommerce
  • Professional performance marketing to increase sales
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) for the best possible visibility of your web shop on Google
  • Optimization of conversion rates with benchmark practices: The presence with advertising campaigns should lead as effectively as possible to sales and/or leads. We analyze your website / online shop for optimization potentials to increase the conversion rate and remove obstacles on the way to purchase/lead. Here, too, our know-how from neuroscience is applied, e.g. in behavioral pricing in e-commerce.

Online marketing cases - success stories of our customers